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20 Jan 2013

If you were not on Winter Camp you would have been….

13 Jan 2013

Ever year Gilwell Park run Winter Camp offering a wide range of activities to the older age ranges of the movement. Some years have seen heavy snow others heavy rain. This year was mud but that does not stop the fun had by all those attending.
The weekend is run by leaders and other volunteers and here Neil Graham, a Group Scout Leader at Winnersh can be seen helping at the climbing wall.

The District had 7 members of the Explorer Section at the weekend..

13 Jan 2013

In the recent weeks many of us have thought about New Year resolutions, some may still be holding others broken. A recent article in the Guardian looked at Volunteering for 2013 and asked Simon Carter from the Scout Association about how Scouting sees Volunteering in 2013 and its importance to the movement in helping to support and provide Adventure to the 500,000 plus members we have.
If you have never been involved in Scouting its all about offering something different to our young people and sometime the adult leaders. Bear Grylls, …