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Starter 4 Ten ?

20 January 2016
Wokingham District is looking to start the cubs 100 years’ celebrations with the annual District Quiz.
Last year this was won by Arborfield Panthers Cub Pack and we look forward to seeing them defend their trophy.
Each team can consist of between 4 and 6 cubs with an average age of 9.
(This is to try to encourage a good mix of older and younger cubs to be included in the team).
There will be 5 rounds of questions consisting of:
  • Round 1 will be a famous people picture quiz. (25 questions)
  • Round 2 will be scouting and cubs history quiz (10 questions) (these will be simple things like when did scouts begin, when did cubs start that kind of thing.)
  • Round 3 will be audio based (music and TV, 25 questions)
  • Round 4 will be Science & Geography with a smattering of General knowledge, (20 questions)
  • Round 5 will be practical (one task with 20 points up for grabs)
This year 1st Winnersh have agreed to host the event which will take place on Saturday 30th January.
We will need 1 adult to stay per team please, this does not need to be a leader as we will have warranted leaders
present but in order to stay within ratios would ask each pack to send one adult (this can be a parent).